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Orphans and Half-Orphans Need Special Attention

The immediate impact of losing a parent is, of course, terrible. However, the long-term consequences…

The CRDT Treasury

The CRDT Treasury is where users can redeem CRDT for SCRDT. Users can redeem the CRDT at any point in time, which helps them manage their investments safely, efficiently, and seamlessly. …

What Is The CRDT Exchange?

The CRDT exchange allows transactions between different currencies. Users can exchange any supported cryptocurrency or fiat currency between CRDT crypto assets through the CRDT exchange. …

What Is The CRDT Wallet?

CRDT’s wallet is a multi-currency application secured by iris biometrics. Users can register an account anonymously, and registration is free. Users can access the Ethereum blockchain through CRDT and have at their disposal a wide-ranging product suite and an easy to use user-interface…

CRDTpay Crypto-Assets

CRDTpay is a dual-token system utilizing CRDT and SCRDT. CRDT crypto-asset peer-to-peer transactions can occur without any limitations; they are decentralized assets, with each asset capable of being divided up to 18 decimal points. Furthermore, the assets use a live…

  1. Stability.
  2. Security.
  3. Wealth Protection.

Challenge #1: Crypto Asset Stability

Volatility is both the most frustrating and exciting part of cryptocurrencies. If you think about it, the reason why so many people dabble with BTC and ETH is the unprecedented wealth-creating opportunities. However, it is difficult for mainstream cryptocurrencies to be seen as legitimate currencies because of this volatility. Both of the coins are highly volatile, which makes it harder to price goods and services.

Challenge #2: Account Vulnerability

Every single cryptocurrency account has a corresponding public address and private key. These two entities…

How to collect bonuses?

All it takes are a few simple steps to participate and earn bonuses. MyContainer platform


CRDTpay Reliable system of finance allowing users to make transactions internationally, CRDTpay is coming soon with a complete banking solution for you!

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