Breaking News! CryptoDaily is proud to announce to launch of #CRDT !

CryptoDaily™ are proud to launch their own cryptographic token. We know this is already a diverse and well populated market space however, through our white paper we will walk you through why we are issuing a token, what it will do, and how you can be part of the exciting adventure that is the growth of CryptoDaily™.

CryptoDaily™ is an award-winning, successful media outlet that reports on and chronicles the blockchain economy and cryptocurrency markets. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, CryptoDaily™ provides value-added, 24-hour news coverage of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, principally through our website at and our social media channels.

We have grown by leaps and bounds, and we have positioned CryptoDaily™ to gain additional media market share. We know what we’re good at and we are smart enough to know when we need the help of others to develop further into a independent, fresh news outlet, with a positive outlook on crypto news, managed by an impartial team and a network of contributors.

Many news outlets focus on negative news for quick returns in traffic. Our news, whilst being honest, aims to only spread truth, in order to be as transparent as possible. We drive traffic with organic headlines.

Purchase the Token below using the link



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