Convert your Crypto to Cash instantly with - CRDTpay VISA CARD -

We are pleased to announce that CRDT users can now order VISA cards through our partner, CRDTpay TRASTRA!

Users will now be able to send Cryptocurrencies to a CRDTpay and TRASTRA wallet, whilst also ordering their VISA cards which can be used to pay for real world goods. Additionally, users will now be able to cash out their Cryptocurrencies via regular cash points!

The cryptocurrencies which are accepted are as follows:


We are also very pleased to announce that CRDT will also be accepted shortly, and in the meantime, will be also available on a BitGo Wallet and Exchange.

Please Note:

In order to partake in this exciting initiative, users are required to download the App/Wallet, whilst also ordering a VISA card via this CRDTpay link:

After you pass basic KYC login, GO to the control panel and click order VISA card insert promo code "CRDT_Pay" Grants first 1000 applicants to get 100% cash back!

EU members countries at the moment ONLY!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️ CRDTpay VISA card coming soon shortly ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you for your support everyone!

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