CRDT Applications Part.1: A Look At The CRDT Wallet

3 min readJun 24, 2021

Our previous article talked about CRDT’s dual token feature and how it allows the transfer of crypto-assets without any limitations or restrictions. We also talked about the divisibility of assets and how that property allowed them to be exchanged almost instantaneously. In today’s article, we will talk about the different CRDT applications, starting with the CRDT Wallet.

What Is The CRDT Wallet?

CRDT’s wallet is a multi-currency application secured by iris biometrics. Users can register an account anonymously, and registration is free. Users can access the Ethereum blockchain through CRDT and have at their disposal a wide-ranging product suite and an easy to use user-interface. CRDT offers support for all major hardware wallets such as Trezor, Ledger, and more.

Using The CRDT Wallet

When a user creates a new account on the CRDT wallet, it generates a unique address on the blockchain. This address is the public key and works similarly to how a traditional account number functions. This address is where the CRDT crypto-assets are stored on the blockchain.

Every public key has a corresponding private key, which the user uses to gain access to the funds. The user uses the private key to sign off on transactions, which it does by using a digital signature and giving the user access to their account and funds. The CRDT wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including all the major ones, and provides complete functionality for managing the funds stored online. The wallet also includes several other features:

  • Payee management
  • Transaction overview
  • Conversions between different CRDT crypto-assets
  • The sending and receiving of payments

CRDT Wallet Security

CRDT takes the security of its accounts very seriously, and it works with teams that audit CRDT, holding them accountable to the highest standards. Users can secure their CRDT account using the unique configurations of their partners as a replacement for the private key. This feature is enabled by the security device and the algorithm developed by the CRDT wallet’s security.

This functionality provides near-impenetrable security and is on its way to becoming the standard security protocol for decentralized application security.

CRDT Wallet Features

The CRDT wallet has several features bundled with it. These features pertain to an overview of transactions, sending and receiving of funds, and rewards.

Transaction overview

  • The CRDT wallet keeps records for every transaction on the account.
  • Each record will have a unique link used to verify the transaction and check if it is recorded on the blockchain.
  • The CRDT wallet has options that enable users to search records and filter results.

Sending and receiving transactions

  • The CRDT wallet has the ability to send and receive transactions in all CRDT crypto-assets and other supported cryptocurrencies. It also has the option of displaying fund details in the equivalent of your preferred fiat currency.
  • The CRDT wallet supports instant conversions.
  • Users of the wallet can convert between any of the CRDT and SCRDT crypto assets through live exchange rates.


  • An estimation of the real-time staking share will be awarded to accounts at the end of each cycle.
  • The CRDT wallet features price charts for users to refer to.
  • The wallet also features interactive price charts that show CRDT crypto-assets against select fiat money payee management.
  • Users can save payee addresses with names for convenience.

The CRDT Visa/Mastercard

The CRDT Visa/Mastercard is a debit card based on a technical standard known as “smart card technology.” It also includes NFC (near-field communication) to facilitate contactless payments. The card operates on a private CRDT network and utilizes existing POS (Point of Sale) infrastructure. Users can transfer funds to it through the CRDT wallet and support SCRDT crypto-assets exclusively.

In Closing

CRDT comes bundled with several applications, and the CRDT wallet is just one of them. The CRDT wallet makes it convenient for users to access the Ethereum blockchain with a host of features at their disposal. It provides complete functionality to manage funds on the blockchain and supports all major cryptocurrencies, and is packed with several features such as payee management, transaction overview, and several other features.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of CRDT, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.




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