CRDT: IOT & advertising solutions

CRDT is a new project that we are very excited to share with you. CRDT is its very own cryptographic token and one that is sure to grow throughout the crypto community.

In these articles, we will take an in-depth look into the token on how it works and how it will benefit you as a trader.

There are numerous aspects of the token offering to consider when looking at revenue and advertising is an integral part of this. Our advertisers will get better rates when using the CRDT tokens and in order to unlock this incredible position, 6% of the use of proceeds has been allocated to this area.

By using Internet of things features to enhance digital advertisements, there will be several benefits for both the advertiser themselves and the consumer.

The enhanced advertising solutions that we have here at CRDT will also incorporate a future tokenisation give abilities for the CryptoDaily blockchain. As a result of this, unique tokens are able to be created in just a minute and from there, they can become immediately transferable to digital wallets.

This will provide our network with new opportunities to help drive the utility of the CRDT token and as the token becomes more popular, it can become a store of value for the newly created tokens.

Are you interested in CRDT? Then get in touch on the website or on email. Take a look at the project’s whitepaper if you want to find out more!



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