CRDT: Prepaid payment card

CRDT is a new project that we are very excited to share with you. CRDT is its very own cryptographic token and one that is sure to grow throughout the crypto community.

In these articles, we will take an in-depth look into the token on how it works and how it will benefit you as a trader.

As the launch of the CRDT token arrived earlier this year, the CryptoDaily payment card and digital wallet program were also released alongside it.

12% has been allocated and budgeted from the use of proceeds in order to do this. The creation and distribution of a payment card of such size is something that needed a lot of planning and thought beforehand.

Holders will be able to access points of sale across the world where the accepted networks are accepted. On top of this, around 40 million merchants globally accept these kinds of payment methods. The payment card from us however, will also involve integration with a digital wallet where the CRDT token can be utilised.

Because of this, this solution will allow value associated with the newly launched token to be spent at point of sale at merchants all over the globe. To that end, it can also be spent on e-commerce sites and Internet shopping.

Are you interested in CRDT? Then get in touch on the website or on email. Take a look at the project’s whitepaper if you want to find out more!

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