Indacoin Announces A Strategic Partnership With CRDT.

Indacoin, the London-based leading fiat-to-crypto exchange, expands its strategic alliance with CRDT crypto assets and CRDTpay top-tier Wallet platform.

Indacoin and CRDT have similar goals and core business principles — they are dedicated to keeping their platforms transparent and focused on developing products responding to true clients’ needs. The newly formed alliance between CRDT and Indacoin will enable the community to keep informed about the newest fraud detection technologies for the fiat-to-crypto exchange methods. Using Indacoin, the clients can become CRDT token holders in a couple of minutes and support project in the most profitable way possible.

This collaboration creates an excellent opportunity to invest in CRDT from almost anywhere. Indacoin is popularly known for its anti-fraud system with implemented AI and machine learning, which is a crucial point for any finance operations, and especially for the crypto market. Speaking of advantages, one of the essential factors for fiat-to-crypto transactions is speed. This partnership will allow buying CRDT with a bank card in 15 minutes, which is the exact level of convenience expected from market leaders.

Aside from the essential functions of CRDT, it’s also a key element of the new CRDT program — CRDTpay. The token will be used to power the upcoming Crypto banking solution which not only will lead to growing CRDT demand but also eventually grow CRDT network. With these new features, the benefits of the upcoming loyalty program (staking) are simply incalculable. The alliance with Indacoin makes CRDT even more attractive and trustworthy. CRDT aims to ensure its position on top of the crypto industry. It makes CRDT launch and partnership with Indacoin vital steps in CRDT ambitious growth path.

“We could see a big ambition to grow the cryptocurrency business. CRDT is continuing to succeed in providing the upcoming Crypto Banking System, which provide information on the most important matters of the crypto community and banking system,” said Guilherme Jovanovic, Chief Business Development Officer at Indacoin. “Our team is thrilled to support CRDT asset because it’s one of the core elements of a healthy crypto community.”

We have every reason to believe that this partnership will make a great impact on the crypto industry. CRDTpay will provide Banking platform, while Indacoin will contribute to CRDT mass adoption with advanced technologies.

About Indacoin

Indacoin is a digital currency exchange and iOS/Android app that offers a unique ability to buy over 100 digital currencies with Visa & Mastercard credit and debit cards. Operating in the UK early 2014, its primary focus is to provide secure bank card payments and enabling other projects to accept Visa and Mastercard instant deposits through a fully branded gateway. Indacoin services are available in 180+ countries.

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