Introducing CRDTPay, A Catalyst for Social Change

3 min readAug 30, 2021

The global financial system consists of a set of institutions that allow individuals or businesses to exchange funds. Borrowed can interact with lenders, while businesses can get in touch with investors to get their projects off the ground. Banks allow individuals access to funds for consumption or investments. Banks give us access to digital payments and access to different financial products such as loans, insurance, investment opportunities.

However, while we take banks and the services they offer for granted, a significant chunk of the global population has no access to banks or any other financial services. This “unbanked” section of the population has no access to banks, ATMs, cheques, credit cards, savings accounts, access to loans or mortgages is denied, and they have no way of sending funds to an individual or receiving any funds. This financial exclusion impacts their way of living, their quality of life, and most importantly, renders them unable to invest in the future. However, what if there was a way of getting unbanked individuals to access financial services through a new global banking system that brings end-to-end payments solutions to their fingertips.

Enter CRDTPay, A Catalyst For Social Change

Let us look at some statistics; in a highly developed country like the USA, 7% of the population has no access to banking services. If we look at other, less developed countries such as Nigeria (60%), the Philippines (66%), Columbia (54%), Kenya (44%), it tells us that a vast majority of the population is unbanked. CRDTPay is a new global financial system that brings the financial system to your fingertips. It can act as a payments network, operating as your very own Visa or Mastercard network.

CRDTPay has the potential to revolutionize banking services completely and bring about a positive social change by getting the unbanked access to the financial system thanks to its end-to-end payments solution. By giving crypto banking solutions to their fingertips, CRDTPay brings together a diverse ecosystem and provides a one-stop solution for transferring value. CRDTPay is basically the entire financial system accessible through just a smartphone, with the platform supporting cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and third-party issued payment cards.

In the CRDTPay ecosystem, a single entity is responsible for all roles and responsibilities, eliminating the need for any third party, which leads to lower fees.

The Different Features Of CRDTPay

  • CRDTPay can be used on android and iOS devices, allowing users to access a banking ecosystem directly from their smartphones. It also supports cross-platform payments (Android to iOS and vice versa).
  • CRDTPay supports contactless payments, which means a buyer can tap their against a seller’s phone and complete the transaction. No need for banks or third parties to be involved. The buyer can also simply use their CRDTPay payment card to complete a transaction. This feature is especially helpful in getting unbanked sections of the population access to goods and convenient financial services.
  • CRDTPay can be integrated with EMI-payment cards or third-party banks. Individuals can then directly and contactlessly pay from their device if it has CRDTPay installed.
  • CRDTPay supports all mediums of exchange such as fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets, and EMI-payment cards.
  • CRDTPay also allows individuals to exchange one currency for another currency, acting as an exchange. It also allows individuals to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currencies and vice versa.
  • CRDTPay allows remittance allowing individuals to send remittances directly between one CRDTPay wallet to another CRDTPay wallet, allowing individuals to transfer funds in real-time, without the requirement of any bank.
  • CRDTPay also allows users to send or receive cryptocurrencies, generating a 1-time QR code that allows the transaction to take place.


CRDT, along with the features that it provides, essentially acts as a bank in your pocket. Individuals can send or receive funds through a simple smartphone, exchange crypto, send remittances, and pay contactlessly. CRDTPay has significant potential to bring about social change and financial inclusion to the unbanked sections of society by giving them access to a whole financial ecosystem at their fingertips.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.




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