Taking A Closer Look At The Dual Token Feature of CRDT

3 min readJun 16, 2021


In our previous article, we talked about the three biggest challenges faced by cryptocurrencies and how they have hampered mainstream adoption. We also talked about how CRDTpay addresses each problem, providing a one-stop financial solution combining the best of both worlds (fiat and cryptocurrencies). In this article, however, we are going to talk about the dual token feature of CRDT.

CRDTpay Crypto-Assets

CRDTpay is a dual-token system utilizing CRDT and SCRDT. CRDT crypto-asset peer-to-peer transactions can occur without any limitations; they are decentralized assets, with each asset capable of being divided up to 18 decimal points. Furthermore, the assets use a live exchange rate and are instantly exchangeable. Let us first look at CRDT.

CRDT: Risk And Reward

The demand for CRDT in open markets has a significant impact on the price of CRDT, with the reward determined by the number of days CRDT has been held and the number of CRDT held by the user, with the rewards paid out at the end of each reward cycle.

CRDT: Supply And Distribution

As mentioned earlier, smart contracts control the supply and distribution of CRDT. Transactions are recorded on the CRDT blockchain, ensuring complete transparency and verifiability. CRDT token supply is not capped, and users also have the option of converting CRDT to SCRDT.

CRDT: Staking Rewards

Long-term savers of SCRDT strengthen the value of CRDT by driving a higher market capitalization, making CRDT an attractive trading option. Staking rewards are paid to users in CRDT and depend on the number of days the users have held CRDT by way of staking.

Looking At SCDRT.

SCDRT is pegged at 1:1 with the US Dollar, which means that 1 SCRDT is equal to 1 USD. It is also divisible up to the 18th decimal point. With access to SCRDT, users can

  • Access global FIAT markets
  • Instantly protect gains made during cryptocurrency trading by converting the gains to SCRDT, making it an effective hedging mechanism.
  • Preserve their wealth by making long-term investments in SCRDT
  • Use tokenized SCRDT for the trading of goods and services
  • SCRDT’s divisibility ensures that micro-payments are possible

Supply And Distribution Of SCRDT

SCRDT ensures complete transparency in its supply and distribution. When SCRDT is created, an equal amount of SCRDT is generated, with the assets in circulation verifiable through the ETH blockchain. Thus, the SCRDT held in reserve will always be equal to the SCRDT in circulation. Periodic audits will also be carried out, and the certificates publicly available.

How Will CRDT Create Revenue Streams?

Revenue streams are crucial to the success of CRDT, generating revenue relative to the demand for CRDT. CRDT will create revenue streams through the following

  • All payments made using CRDT will be charged a transaction fee of 0.20%. 24% is paid in rewards for staking and license holders, while Ledger International Development LTD holds 76%.
  • Conversions of the CRDT stablecoin will attract a fee of 0.32%. Ledger International Development LTD will hold the entire fee.
  • Payments made using other supported cryptocurrencies will attract a 0.20% fee, out of which 20% is charged by the liquidity provider, while Ledger International Development LTD will hold 80%.

In Closing

CRDT’s dual token feature allows crypto-assets to be transferred without any restrictions or limitations. Furthermore, the divisibility of the assets allows them to be exchanged instantly, using a live exchange rate. Meanwhile, CRDT revenue streams will ensure the longevity and success of CRDT, with income streams generating revenue relative to CRDT demand.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.




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